Where is Chatswood Monkey Bar located?

Chatswood Monkey Bar is located next to the heart of the shopping precinct and train station in North-South Wales Sydney, Australia. Monkey Bar Hotel is the best place to hook up with friends after a long day at work and hold functions.

How do you get to Chatswood Monkey bar?

There are three ways you can use to get to the bar, by bus, car or train. When using a personal car, you will drive off the Pacific Highway on the northern side of Westfield center. You will enter using Endeavour Street behind the Lemon Grove building. The bar assured ample parking at a flexible fee. If you are using public transport, check Sydney Buses that offer regular services along Pacific Highway to Westfields. When traveling by train, check the timetable for CityRail’s North Shore as they stop just across the Monkey bar.

Is New South Wales a tourist destination?

If you are looking for a place to relax and pass the time, New South Wales is the place to be. You will never get the experience as the bar is located in a serene environment to make you feel relaxed. You will get to enjoy all kinds of beers from your favorite cocktails and wines at affordable prices. NSW is known for its sandy beaches and natural treasures, and it’s one of the vibrant cities to visit. Book your next holiday destination here.

What amenities does Chatswood Monkey bar offer?

Monkey bar provides a range of amenities so that their customers can have an experience of a lifetime. If you are disabled and wondering how you will move around in the bar, they got you covered as they have wheelchair access everywhere. Some of the other amenities include the availability of a full bar, smoking area, cocktails serving, live sports screening, outdoor seating, nightlife, and ample parking. Get your next drink in the bar.

What type of food can you get?

Food and drinks go hand in hand as you can’t drink beer on an empty stomach. The bar has the best menu, and all diets like vegetarians are well taken care of. When you visit Monkey bar order,

  • Mouth-watering homemade Peking duck spring rolls with chili.
  • Soy sauce, chicken parmigiana with fries.
  • Award-winning beef bourguignon pie that is served with Paris mash.
  • Grilled chicken Caesar.
  • Hard-boiled eggs.
  • Salted pepper prawns with Aioli GF and
  • Panko crumbed chicken schnitzel together with fries and salad.

The chefs make cuisines from all over the world, and you wouldn’t want to miss them. The good thing about the hotel is you can order your meal through the website of the bar.

Things to do in Chatswood?

While enjoying your drinks in the bar, you can be watching the latest UFC fights, AFL, and Rugby league. You can host parties or corporate functions in the bar. If you are hosting a party, the bar has a sound system, television, and computer facilities since they have a separate bar.

If you need to grab some fresh air, you can explore the neighborhood.

  • You can visit the mall and do some shopping. As a way of killing time, you can visit the park and enjoy the cool breeze of nature while unwinding. Bales park has facilities that are well maintained and sits on the banks of lane cove river in the western part of the suburb.
  • The sweet aroma of food does not end at the restaurants’ doors but extends to the streets. Cuisines range from Germany, Japan, Greece, Spain, Korea, Mexico, and Africa, but Malaysian street food is the specialty. You can try the famous coconut pancakes and their pork buns.
  • After having your food, you should visit the Willoughby museum that concentrates on the area’s domestic, cultural, and working life for the past 100 years. The museum operates on Sunday between 1 pm and 4 pm.
  • If you are looking to learn some Japanese culture, the Shodo Japanese Calligraphy workshop and Ikebana Floral art class got your back.
  • After you have had your beer and food, now it’s time to catch a performance at the concourse. The concourse is one of the best cultural hubs hosting a handful of events and performances all year long in North Shore’s. You will be entertained by live bands, art festivals, theatre shows, and speaking tours.
  • Tuck into brunch. Thousands of tourists visit the north shore because of the good cafes around the suburb for mouth-watering brunch and coffee.
  • These are some things to do in Chatswood.

Where can you go shopping?

Chatswood Chase Sydney is a shopping center on Sydney’s outskirts on the lower side of North Shores. Trains from Metro Northwest, northern and north shores lines offer frequent train services to the station that is short from the center. Chatswood Chase has car parks of 2,434 spaces. The shopping center is occupied by major retailers who sell a wide range of things. The shopping center has been expanded over the past years to fit seven-screen cinemas, two new level shops, and a sunken oasis dining plaza.

For your next vacation, choose Chatswood for an amazing experience.

How to Get from White Dental Clinic to Chatswood Monkey Bar

Getting from White Dental Clinic in Chatswood going to the Chatswood Monkey bar is easy. It’s only 350m away, so you can get there by walking.  Just walk east on Victoria Ave towards Anderson St then turn left onto Anderson St, at 70m turn left onto Endeavour St, and finally turn right onto Orchard Rd.