Shop and Dine at Chatswood Interchange with the Family!

Chatswood Interchange is a shopping and food centre located in the Chatswood suburb on Sydney’s Lower North Shore. It is connected to the Chatswood train station and contains:

  • Seventy specialty shops (including 40 restaurants and eateries).
  • Woolworths Metro supermarket.
  • High-rise flats.
  • Three high-rise office buildings.

After everything that’s been happening around the world, such as the global pandemic, Chatswood Interchange has now begun to open its stores little by little. Chatswood Interchange are now welcoming people back to enjoy a cup of coffee and to have lunch and/or dinner with their friends and family.

The majority of the restaurants and eateries at Chatswood Interchange have reopened and are inviting customers back to enjoy their seasonal menus. They suggest that you call and inquire individual stores and restaurants for reservations and opening hours because they are already running under government controls and physical distancing conditions. By the time you get to the area, you’ll need to follow the community guidelines to practise safety protocols to avoid cross-contacting of any bacteria.

Chatswood Interchange Amenities

To make the place more convenient for everyone, Chatswood Interchange has some reliable amenities that you certainly would need.

Parent Services

Since Chatswood Interchange is open for everyone of all ages, parents with little kids would frequently drop by the centre. If you’re a parent and you have little children (toddlers or babies), there is a parents room inside Chatswood Interchange. The parents’ room has reliable facilities such as nappy changing stations, easy access to prams, private feeding rooms, and clean toilets for both parents and children. To get to the parents’ room, take the lift going to level 1, then head to the corridor next to the lift, and you’ll easily find the parents’ room.


For easy access, especially for the PWDs, you can find a lift from the station level. You can find one at the right of the escalator at the northern end of the community centre. Another lift location is by the left of the escalator located next to the Opal card top-up service. You’ll certainly find this amenity convenient, especially if you’re with someone who’s in a wheelchair.

Disabled Amenities

Chatswood Interchange does have lifts that are already convenient for PWDs, but there are also specific “Disabled Amenities”, which you can find below the escalators opposite of the Priceline Pharmacy. There is also one near District Dining, which is located on the eastern side close to Ippudo. You can also visit Chatswood Interchange’s website to know what events they currently have and what restaurants they have opened.


Forgot to get cash before going to Chatswood Interchange? Don’t worry! As the centre have ATMs (National Australia Bank) at the ground level. So if you’re also in the area and you need some cash, just swing by Chatswood Interchange and withdraw your money.


The station entrance was merged with the Interchange when it opened in 1988. There were about 30 specialty stores there but no anchor stores. The Junction, as well as Chatswood railway station and its attached bus interchange, were demolished in 2005 as part of the building of the Chatswood to Epping line. In late 2005, work on the new train station, bus interchange, and shopping centre began.

The CTI was built as a Public-Private Partnership and was to feature three towers and a new shopping centre named ‘Metro Chatswood.’ When the building was ongoing, the private developers, CRI Chatswood, went into receivership. As a result, the shopping centre stood empty until 2014, and major tower development was put on hold for several years.

Chatswood Interchange was the name of the centre when it first opened in 2014. Woolworths launched a 2000-square-foot store on the ground floor, as well as the BWS chain. The post office has moved, and several kiosks have opened in phases.

The District food court opened on the top floor on March 28, 2015, with 14 vendors serving Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Italian cuisine. As a result, Chatswood Interchange is projected to generate $634 million in revenue by 2026, allowing it to serve over 75,150 people.

And just two minutes away from Chatswood Interchange is Chatswood Monkey Bar. It is located next to the heart of the shopping precinct and train station in North-South Wales Sydney, Australia. Monkey Bar Hotel is the best place to hook up with friends after a long day at work and hold functions.

Getting to Chatswood Interchange

Are you feeling hungry after your dental appointment at White Dental Clinic? Well, Chatswood Interchange is just right at the corner! Chatswood Interchange is one of the closest food centres near the dental clinic, making it one of the first place patients from the said clinic would go to. Chatswood Interchange is so close that you can just walk your way going there. To get to Chatswood Interchange, head west on Victoria Ave toward Victor St., and the centre should be on your left.