Chatswood Tennis Club — Social and Sport for All Ages

The Chatswood Tennis Club offers all sorts of ways to improve your game while meeting other people who share your interests. For example, if you’re learning how to play tennis but want more than one coach’s perspective as well as someone there when it counts most (during matches), professional coaching might be, right up your alley? Or maybe being part of a team that plays competitively appeals more to your competitive spirit?

The Chatswood Tennis Club is the perfect place for you to get in shape and learn a new skill! You can become an official member, sign up for coaching sessions or take tennis lessons with this club. If you live nearby, are looking at taking on some fresh challenges or just love socializing – then we have something wonderful waiting for you here!

Here are some of the things you need to know about Chatswood Tennis Club

1. A variety of tennis courts

The Chatswood Tennis Club has a variety of tennis courts with something for everyone’s playing style and level. With 12 well-maintained courts at two locations, you will never run out of space! Come enjoy our coffee shop and outdoor seating area with your friends after an intense match.

2. Tennis lessons for all levels

The Chatswood Tennis Club offers a diverse range of lessons to suit all levels. They have professional instructors who can teach you the fundamentals, or more advanced techniques for those wishing to take their game further.

3. Facility rentals - perfect for parties or meetings!

Chatswood Tennis Club has a variety of options for families and friends looking to have an epic tennis party. They also offer facility rentals, perfect if you need more space!

The Chatswood Tennis club’s Facility Rentals are the best option for anyone hosting their annual neighbourhood block party on their property. With enough room at this venue, your guests will be able to play all day long without getting tired or overheated in any way. The amenities provided by the organization include restrooms with showers available after playing matches; locker rooms that come equipped with towels and toiletries; climate-controlled outdoor courts which are great during those hot summers (they’ve got air conditioning); as well as plenty of parking spots near each court so carloads can come and go as they please.

4. Holiday Camps

Chatswood Tennis Club is the place to be for all tennis lovers. With a “Hotshots” program that uses modified equipment, everyone can enjoy their time on court and progress at their own pace!

Thanks to the Chatswood Tennis Club, there is no shortage of ways for you and your family to improve your game or meet new friends. Whether you’re just looking to improve your game or find a way to meet new people who share the same interests, The Chatswood Tennis Club has something for everybody.

If you’re into a trip down to history, there is a place in Chatswood that you should take a visit. Willoughby Museum can be found in Johnson St. Chatswood and it shows the History of Willoughby.

How to get to Chatswood Tennis Club

You won’t need to rush your tennis session if you have a dental appointment at White Dental Clinic in Chatswood because it is just 4 minutes away from Chatswood Tennis Club. Head southeast on Fullers Rd toward Millwood Ave/A38 and turn right onto Fullers Rd/A38. Continue straight onto Help St and turn right onto Anderson St. Anderson St turns left and becomes Victoria Ave, White Dental Clinic should be on the right.