Go For Nature Walks in Chatswood

Railway to River Walk

This is a leisurely, scenic walk from Chatswood Train Station to the Lane Cove River. The route passes through gully rainforests and riverside plant communities where nature lovers will enjoy discovering rare plants in both urban and rural environments. Take some time out of your day for this healthy exercise!

This 3 ½-kilometer hike takes you past streets, jungle forests, woodland habitats with native animals like kangaroos or koalas waiting around every corner as well as beautiful river views that are sure to catch any tourist’s eye.

The Blue Gum forest thrives in Chatswood, NSW. The trees are so tall and thick that it’s like walking through a cathedral ceiling fashioned by nature with pine needles for the dirt flooring and soft beams of sunlight streaming down from above.

Nest boxes have been installed in the backyard of some residents near Chatswood Railway to River Trail. These nest boxes are a common sight and promote wildlife-friendliness since they provide a home for various animals like birds, lizards, frogs as well as small mammals and insects. This initiative is supported by Willoughby Council which has also helped with installing these devices all over town to make it more lovely for everyone who visits this area!

The bush tracks in Chatswood’s Railway to River Walk are no easy feat. Make sure you’re wearing sturdy shoes, because the terrain is tough and can injure your feet if not careful!

Once you reach Ferndale Park be sure not to miss out on its beautiful ferns and other plants that grow in moist conditions. This long and narrow remnant bushland reserve provides excellent bird watching opportunities, as well as open spaces for picnics with friends or family members.

Ferndale Park

Ferndale Park is the perfect escape from your busy, noisy world. With an off-leash area for you and your pup to play in peace, a picnic table where friends can gather over some lunch or if it’s just you on date night there are trees dotted throughout that will provide plenty of shade while still letting in enough light for romance!

Ferndale Park has been voted as one of Australia’s most beautiful parks by Trip Advisor with its sweeping views, walking track and serene atmosphere at this magical oasis away from everyday life; whatever time of day we visit Ferndale park our mood always seems to be improved.

Blue Gum Park

Blue Gum Park in Chatswood NSW is a bushland reserve that includes an old-growth forest and tranquil walking trails.  It is a great place to enjoy the outdoors with your friends and family, or even by yourself. The park has an off-leash area for pets so you can go on some nice long walks. It also features picnic areas if you want to have a BBQ lunch while enjoying this fantastic view of Sydney’s North Shore mountains!

Another Park that you might want to visit is Beauchamp Park. It is a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy some fresh air in the sunshine.

How to get from Railway to River Walk

If you suddenly have the need to visit a dentist during one of your trails in the Railway to River Walk because of some emergency, do not fret because White Dental Clinic in Chatswood is just 4 minutes away.  Just head east on Western Way toward Pacific Hwy/A1  and turn left onto Pacific Hwy/A1. At 450m turn right onto Railway St and go through 1 roundabout. Turn left onto Help St and turn right onto Anderson St. Anderson St turns left and becomes Victoria Ave, your destination is on the right.