Gordon NSW: The Best Travel Guide

If you are planning on travelling to Australia, it’s important to know all the places to visit. Besides this, you should not overlook where you will sleep, shop and eat. Take some time to understand the amenities around where you will live before you commence your trip. When planning a trip to Gordon, one place to frequent will be the Gordon Centre.

What’s available at the Gordon Centre?

Gordon Centre has several levels, all of which have a variety of things to consider. You will come across apparel stores, restaurants, fresh food stores, retail stores, salons, and so much more at the center. The center has ample parking space and car ramps to connect to all parking lots.

There are escalators available in the center help with easy movement within the different levels. The ground level conveniently has most of the services you would expect from the center. Some highlight stores to stop and look at include Lydia’s Jewelers, Bakers Delight, Sushi 2 Go, and Shear Talent.

Most stores in the center trade from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM on weekdays and Saturday and 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM on Sundays. The trading hours extend from 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM on Thursdays. You can enjoy shopping and some bargains in some stores like Woolworths and Harvey Norman during these hours.

Things to do in Gordon

While in the town, you will find some great restaurants, condos for rent, wellness and spa centers, among others. Here, you have lots of things to choose from besides indulging in shopping. Once you come to the town, you will discover some new things to indulge in, like visiting the farmers market.

The Ballan Farmers Market provides you with some fresh local farm produce to enjoy. Some of which will entail wines, cheeses and meats. If you are thinking about preparing a meal in the evening, the farmers market can offer all the delicacies you might need.

Other things to try out while in the suburb include visiting the City Golf. Here, you can enjoy the 18 hole course that’s ideal for all age levels. It’s open from 10:00 PM till late, and you will find it along Pacific Highway. In case you opt to drive to the course, you will find plenty of parking. In the course, you can enjoy with friends and family. It’s also an excellent place for private functions like birthday parties.

Even though the town is a small place, there are many restaurants for you to try out. The first being the Wallace Pub here, you are welcomed by the great ambience and services. The food also is lovely, and there is a vast array for you to choose from. It’s a spacious place to spend some time with your friends and enjoy a meal. Their outdoor gardens provide you with ample space to sit and enjoy your time in the town.

Things to do near the town

The town provides you with a serene space for you to relax and unwind. It’s one of the few places where you won’t miss home. However, if you want more fun experiences, you should consider visiting Sydney. It’s among the nearest cities to the town, and it’s a great tourist destination to consider.

Sydney is 20 minutes away from the town. It provides you with access to the beach lifestyle while watching the sun rise and set. It’s close to the town makes it the next best thing to do. It’s a lovely tourist destination that has gorgeous beaches for you to explore. When swimming in the ocean, you have to abide by the rules and swim between the yellow and red flags. Some of the beaches to visit include:

  • Parsley Bay
  • Camp Cove
  • Balmoral Beach

You also get to enjoy surfing while in Sydney. You can access the waves either north or south of the city. There is a strong surf culture, and you will make some new friends quickly and have a lovely time. In the morning, you can jog along the beach or join other surfers to ride the waves. All activities you engage in while at the beach are part of the Aussie lifestyle, and they are either relaxing or energetic.

Besides having a blast at the beach, you can also dine and wine in some of the top restaurants in the city. However, for you to get a table, you must book in advance. There are many bar options in the city for you to sample the different Australian wines. You also get a chance to visit some NSW wine regions to sample some wines. Some of the restaurants to frequent in the winegrowing areas include:

  • Southern Highlands
  • Orange
  • Hunter Valley

If you don’t want to spend your time in the winegrowing areas, you can sample some affordable and casual pubs and cafes. The fantastic thing is that most of the food is fresh and locally produced. You will come across some talented chefs in these restaurants and cafes who luxuriate you in the cultural and culinary flavors.

You can enjoy some works of art like the Sydney Harbor Bridge and Sydney Opera House and have a great time shopping around the city. at Gordon Centre, you will find some great gifts, souvenirs and art to purchase. Some additional must-see destinations are the Strand Arcade and the Queen Victoria Building you will enjoy every moment when you spent your time in this centre

But if you’re looking for a more serene place to visit around Gordon, Gordon Baptist Church is the best place to go to. Visiting an inter-cultural neighborhood that shares the same belief is something so satisfying to see. If you wish to find comfort in a place of prayer, this should be one of your must-visit places.

Final take

Since the town is small, you will discover that it’s a place where you can spend a few days and visit more of New South Wales. However, if you want to enjoy your stay while in the town, you can travel to Sydney and back in no time. Since its a 20 minute drive, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Where to Find it?

Since you’re in the area, after your dental appointment at White Dental Clinic, you may want to explore Gordon Centre. Just a minute of walking and you’re there already. From shopping to dining, your options are endless. Just head east on Dumaresq St towards Old Pacific Hwy/A1.