Gordon Golf Club

Peaceful and calm places to spend a weekend or holiday is a good idea to plan for your family. On weekends and holidays, people look for these places, and it’s challenging to come up with the perfect place. If you haven’t found a perfect place, Gordon Golf Club will be an excellent place to relax either with your family or alone.

The Gordon golf club, found on the Upper Shore of Sydney, is an ideal destination for the public and members. The club has the best chefs, Candice Galvin and Dave, who will serve you fresh, affordable, and quality food at ‘The Bunker’.


Though the club is open for both the public and members, you will enjoy excellent benefits by becoming a member. To become a member doesn’t mean you have to be a golfer. There are various reasons the can make you join the golf club. Below are some of the benefits you will receive when you join the membership.

  • You will have complete participating rights in all competitions, such as Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. The right means reserved top times for Gordon Club members in the weekend’s prime time.
  • You will enjoy the golf course’s $12million fairway sprinkling upgrades.
  • All bar purchases have member discounts.
  • For private functions, you will access the clubhouse, with hire rates reduced.
  • Acquire the Golf Australia handicap; it will enable you to participate in the club competitions as a visitor at other courses.
  • Access to an incredible conference or business meeting room at a reduced hire rate.
  • As a member, you will access the club’s private facilities and locker room.
  • By joining the golf club, you will enjoy meeting serious-minded people who can help you with various sectors.
  • There are attractions such as a gaming room, Keno, Foxtel, Sky Racing, and TAB in the clubhouse.

Those benefits should make you join the club membership. The membership is different because of different people who can afford different membership subscriptions.


There are a couple of things to do in Gordon Golf Club. The private function rooms are the club’s attraction services all over Sydney and around the world. Planning an event is a daunting task, but the club’s management understands that, and there are measures to make sure it is perfectly done. If you have an event, consult the management, and your event will be designed to your expectations or even beyond your expectations.

The Banker and the Golf Course will provide a perfect package, paying attention to affordability, accessibility, space, ambiance, and quality catering. Catering is the main element of all functions, with a wide range of beverage and food packages. Below are some of the functions.

Private Functions

If you have an event of a small group or a group of a maximum of 100 guests, the Golf Course will cater to your event organizing. The event will be per elegance and style, ensuring your function is done to your standard and expectations. From 6 pm to 11 pm on Saturday nights is a valid time for private occasions.

21st Birthday Party

You like birthday parties, right? This kind of birthday party is among the exciting and significant occasions you cannot try to miss. It’s not a must to be you – the party can be of your kid. There is a perfect package, including all the necessary stuff you can think of, starting from a function room to a perfect catering service. Something you will live to remember and make you come again.

50th Birthday Party

Hitting half a century figures is not a joke. It is a remarkable milestone to achieve, and you should celebrate in a style that will be recognizable. Let the golf club management help you organize the best birthday party while you sit and relax.

Engagement Party

Your engagement is already confirmed, and you want to celebrate with your loved ones. Place your order with the club’s organizing executives, and you will have the best engagement party you could not have imagined. Dine with your family and friends in the best place ever.

These functions come with some rules and conditions to ensure responsibility at the City Golf Gordon.

  • You should make payment for drinks and food seven days before the function.
  • In case of any breakage, you, as the host, will be held responsible.
  • All kinds of music should not go beyond 11:30 pm if the occasion finishes at midnight.

Golf Club

Being in a golf club is essential. You enjoy a cool time with people you can share important things with. There is a difference between golf club membership and general membership. Here, you will find members who know how to play golf. It is good for you also to join if you know or you want to know.

The club has various golf competitions within the week. You can make bookings either in public or online. You can book via the Pro Shop if you can’t access the online portal. The public booking is open every day except on Christmas day.

You will find Gordon Golf Club competitions on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Every game has a different price.

Do you want to learn how to play golf? Join the club for one of the best golf training sessions around. If you want to be the best, you have to learn and train with the best.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the management has laid down the following guidelines to combat the spread of the virus.

  • Four maximum players per group
  • At the Pro shop, a maximum of four customers at a time.
  • Arrive ten minutes before your given Tee time. After finishing, you leave immediately.
  • Don’t touch the flagstick.
  • Thirty centimeters ideal lies in buckers.
  • Sand buckets are not available.
  • Golf training sessions are not available.


Gordon Golf Club can be said to be the best destination when you are off work, and you want to relax. The New South Wales club is truly a perfect tourist destination. The calm music will relax your body and forget about all the difficult times you had at the workplace. If you have not been to the club, you have to arrange for a visit one day.

And if you ever got bored and want to take a stroll around town, you can head on to Gordon Centre for a window shopping or dining out with your friends. With lots of retail outlets and dining establishments, you surely will have a well spent time with your family or friends.

How to Get there?

After your dental appointment at White Dental Clinic in Gordon, it just takes 3 mins by car to go to City Golf Gordon. First head northwest on Pacific Hwy/A1 toward Dumaresq St then turn left at the 1st cross street onto Dumaresq St.  Turn left onto Vale St. At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto St Johns Ave then make a left turn onto Lynn Ridge Ave. Finally make a right turn and your destination will be on the left.