Gordon Library

Enjoy a book at Gordon Library!

Are you looking for a nice, quiet place to read a book or two? Well, Gordon Library should be your best bet! Gordon Library has a great selection of books ranging from science fiction to educational books. The library also has a comfortable reading area perfect for learning! The interior is also well-picked, making the atmosphere very welcoming to their guests.

Once you’ve visited the library, you’ll be welcomed by the friendly staff. If you’re looking for a certain book, don’t hesitate to ask the staff as they’ll gladly assist you. There are also study rooms for students in case you need a place for you and your friends to discuss certain lessons that you might have problems with. Guests can rest assure that the place is regularly cleaned and sanitised to avoid cross-contamination of any bacteria. With that said, guests should also practice safety measures to keep everyone safe.

Another amazing thing about Gordon Library is that it is open seven days a week! This means you can read your favourite books and even study or work in a library with a very welcoming atmosphere anytime you want!

DO's & DON'Ts at Gordon Library

Although most libraries have certain common rules and regulations, behaving properly in one is not an ability that anyone has mastered. Here are a few suggestions for improving not only your own but also other people’s library experiences.


  • Value the library’s resources. This involves marking, taking notes, tearing, and a variety of other heinous library offences. When it comes to artefacts, keep in mind that they are not as quickly replaced as bestsellers or textbooks. Send the content in the same condition as you received it, out of consideration for other future readers.
  • Value the librarians’ authority and follow their orders. They are pleasant and intelligent individuals who, unfortunately, face a significant lack of regard for their career. Don’t be afraid to inquire about suggested books or their location; as long as your inquiries are reasonable, librarians can provide you with responses that are more useful than you may imagine.
  • Bring water and food (if permitted) to stay hydrated and alert when working. It is important that you properly power your body and mind, which is often overlooked during long cramming sessions. However, avoid eating loud or odorous foods. And if it’s a faint odour, it can make the desk neighbours uncomfortable and irritated. The same goes for your feet – no one wants smelly feet, so leave your shoes at home and dress comfortably instead.
  • Keep an eye on your children. As much as possible, stay close to your children and tell them to stay behaved at all times. This is to respect the other guests at the library who wants a peaceful atmosphere.
  • Limit the number of books you borrow at one time. Stacking 20 books at once is inconsiderate of those who may need them. If you’re well aware that you won’t be using some of the books that you’ve gathered, it would be best that you just return them as somebody else might need them more.
  • Make sure your mobile phone and other gadgets are on silent mode and the vibration mode is off. The vibration effect can actually make a lot of noise when your phone is on a wooden table. It happens to everybody, but receiving several alerts is an unwanted annoyance that can be stopped quickly. If you do take a call, always exit the building and answer the call until you are outside. Often, check to see if the music is playing too loudly.


  • Don’t forget about the library’s deadlines. Request an extension if you haven’t done using the object, but keep in mind that many other people can need the material right away. You will not only be fined, but certain libraries will also prohibit you from borrowing books until all of your books have been returned.
  • Don’t make a racket. The library is one of the few quiet public spaces used mostly by students and researchers. If you need to chat with your colleagues, some libraries have dedicated places for community study, but if not, be considerate of others and keep discussions to a minimum.
  • Meat crumbs should not be left on the desk. As a matter of decency, make sure you tidy up after yourself. This applies to documents and books as well. If you forgot where you put them, ask a library employee or leave them on the return shelf. Wrongly shelved books are notoriously difficult to locate and should be identified as missing.

Getting to Gordon Library

If you just finished your dental appointment at White Dental Clinic, you might have the urge to read a book, and Gordon Library should be the closest area for that. Or, if you have your book with you, you can also drop by Gordon Glen Park and read your book there. Getting to Gordon Library will only take you three minutes, and you can just walk there from the clinic! The library is located at 799 Pacific Hwy, Gordon NSW 2072, Australia. To get there, head northwest on Pacific Hwy/A1 toward then turn right onto Park Ave. Turn left onto Pacific Hwy/A1, and you should be right in front of the library.