Gordon Station

What you need to know about Gordon Station

Do you need to travel somewhere out of Gordon? Gordon Station is located just a few minutes away from Gordon Centre. This means you can drop by the centre for a quick snack or buy some stuff to bring along the journey. The station has been said to be more reliable ever since it was upgraded in 2015. If you have an Opal card, you are given a free 18-hours parking pass at the carpark.

Here are some of the facilities/amenities you can find at Gordon Station:

  • Wheelchair accessible payphone
  • Wheelchair accessible toilet
  • Wheelchair accessible car space
  • Bike racks
  • Toilet facilities
  • Opal card top-up stations
  • Payphone
  • Single trip ticket machines
  • Carpark
  • Taxi rank
  • Emergency help point

Gordon railway station is a heritage-listed station on Sydney’s North Shoreline that serves the Gordon suburb. Sydney Trains’ T1 North Shoreline and T9 Northern line services stop here. The New South Wales Department of Railways planned and constructed the station in 1909 at St John’s Avenue, Gordon, in the Ku-ring-gai Council local government district of New South Wales, Australia. On April 2, 1999, the property was added to the New South Wales State Heritage Register.


Gordon Railway Station was opened on January 1, 1890. There was just one platform during that time. When the line was duplicated in 1909, the station was reconstructed. It now had three platforms, including an island base opposing the mainline railways and a side platform facing a turnback track to the east. The platforms were linked to the street by a footbridge with an attached booking office. A goods siding was located west of the mainline, and a signal box was located on the platform.

Northbound trains used to stop on platform 2 or 3, with southbound services terminating on platform 1 or 2, and by northbound services terminating on platform 3. The layout of the crossovers was altered after the removal of the goods siding. Platform 2 now accepts trains from any direction, with platforms 1 and 3 reserved for through trains only. In 2006, the station was made wheelchair accessible by installing lifts between the footbridge and the platforms.

More about Gordon Station

Structure of the Building

The structures include:

  • A station building with a signal box and platforms 2/3, which was constructed around 1909.
  • An overhead booking office, which was completed around 1910.
  • A station building with platform 1, which was completed in 1993.

A footbridge, constructed in 1909, towers and new steel shelters are among the other buildings.


Gordon Railway Station is situated east of the Pacific Highway. The station consists of three stations, an early 20th-century overhead walking path and booking office on the northern side with new lift towers, an early 20th-century station building on an island platform, a restored late 19th-century timber waiting area, and a landscaped easement approximately 10m wide on each side of the train tracks. From either side of the platform, new stairs and a disabled ramp lead to the station. Across the road from the station is a shopping strip on the western side of the Pacific Highway.


The island platform (Platform 2/3) at Gordon was built in 1909 as part of the Northern line’s line duplication. It has brick faces and an asphalt platform surface. The station building is situated at the southern end of the line, about halfway between the overhead booking office and footbridge. Platform 1 is similar to Platform 2 in that it has brick faces and an asphalt base, and it is most definitely from the same time frame.


The footbridge was built on steel trestles. The two-bay system covers two tracks on the rail corridor’s eastern side and one track on the western side. Imported British steel producers’ markings can be used, like Lanarkshire and Dorman Long & Co., Middlesbrough. A concrete deck and modern steel balustrades adorn the concourse. The island platform is reached via modern concrete steps with steel supports. On both sides of the station, similar steps and a disabled ramp provide entry to the streets.

Condition of the Station

The overhead Booking Office was in fine working order as of October 26, 2010. The two station buildings (Platform 2/3) and (Platform 1), the footbridge, the tracks, and the scenery were all in excellent repair. The new steel shelters were found to be in excellent working order. The scope for archaeology is regarded as limited. With modern additions, the station community maintains stability and is accessible for all commuters.

Not far from Gordon Station is the City Golf Gordon. You might want to tee off before heading home and unwind with friends or colleagues. You will definitely enjoy spending time with friends or families here as there are a lot of things to enjoy in the area aside from playing golf. 

Directions to Gordon Station

On your way home from your dental appointment at White Dental Clinic? Well, Gordon Station is just a five-minute walk from the clinic. You can get to the station by heading south on Pacific Hwy/A1 toward Moree St. and turning left onto St Johns Ave. After turning left, make another left turn onto Wade Ln. and you should arrive at the Gordon station.