How white is too white?

While red carpets, front covers and billboards are covered in perfectly white smiles, these are often not the shades that would suit your smile naturally. So when you’re thinking of achieving your dream smile with teeth whitening, it’s key to work together with your dentist so a naturally brighter and enhanced smile can be created. 

From your lifestyle to your facial aesthetics, the perfect shade of white is dependent on numerous factors. There can be a bad stigma around teeth whitening as well as veneers and other cosmetic treatments as they’re often too extreme and look unnatural. However, your trusted dentist has superior knowledge and experience in finding the shade that matches your appearance, instead of providing you with the brightest shade of white.

What affects how white your teeth should be?
While it may not come as a surprise that the ideal shade of your teeth is influenced by your age and skin tone, many patients don’t realise their personality and the way you smile plays a part in the planning process too.

As a rule of thumb, your teeth shouldn’t be whiter than your eyes. As they say: “eyes are the window to the soul”, and your teeth shouldn’t distract too much from that.

At-home teeth whitening
There are many at-home teeth whitening treatments on the market, which you have probably seen before. And while we understand low-priced at-home whitening kits can be very tempting, we would always recommend against it. They’re often not effective, while the chemicals used in them could potentially harm your teeth – and on some occasions your gums, lips or even your eyes. Even if the treatment could be effective, it doesn’t take into account what results suit your face and smile best.

However, not all at-home treatments are created equally. Some dentists can help you find an effective at-home teeth whitening treatment with custom made retainers and trusted products that you can take home. Teeth whitening treatments by your trusted dentist are almost always the most effective way of achieving the pearly whites you’ve been desiring. With their experience and professional care, in addition to their access to superior technology you simply just can’t take home, you can be sure your teeth are suitable for a teeth whitening treatment that will be effective and won’t harm your enamel.

What do we look for during your consultation?
Firstly, we want to make sure that your mouth and teeth are healthy and strong enough to take on the whitening treatment. In the likely case you can go ahead with a teeth whitening treatment, we want to get to the bottom of your dream smile; what are your wants and needs? We can then talk you through the best suited options, and find the shade of white that matches your goals.

If you’re interested in finding out how we can help you achieve your dream smile with a suitable teeth whitening treatment, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a trusted dentist at one of our White Dental clinics.