Looking after your dental health

We all aim for an optimal smile. The fact that you’re reading this now, proves you want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to maintain your best smile. And while we understand it’s easy to fall out of a routine, this can be detrimental when it comes to your dental health. Let us remind you of the most important steps of your dental health routine. 

Brush Your Teeth
It goes without saying that brushing your teeth is essential for your dental health. However, not everyone keeps to the recommended 2 minutes at least twice a day. Brushing for this amount of time will give you a thorough clean, but remember, don’t brush too hard!

Floss Your Teeth
We know your dentist sounds like a broken record when we say this, but make sure you are flossing daily! While it’s at the bottom of most people’s to do lists, it should be near the top. Not flossing can lead to gum diseases and tooth decay. And once you start getting into a habit of flossing, you’ll find you can’t go a day without doing so!

Regular Dental Visits
No matter how well your at-home dental routine is, you should still come see us at least twice a year for a general clean and check up. To help avoid dental problems before they even show up, it is recommended that you see your dentist every 6 months. We’re happy to book your next appointment when you see us, to make it as easy as possible for you.

Eat And Stay Well
Living a healthy lifestyle can not only affect your overall health and wellbeing but the state of your teeth as well. Smoking, drinking and eating badly can all impact the state of your teeth. Drinking plenty of water and avoiding acidic and sugary drinks will help as well as making sure you eat a wide variety of nutritious foods. 

Everyone can maintain healthy teeth if they stick to their routines. If you’re noticing any general dental issues, head over to our general dentistry page or book in for a check up with one of our dentists today.