Ravenswood School for Girls — Gordon, NSW

Ravenswood School for Girls is a boarding school in 10 Henry St. Gordon, NSW. It was established in 1901 and has been empowering girls through education. The Ravenswood School for Girls offers excellent facilities, both inside and out. The campus is filled with natural beauty, including gardens, sports facilities, laboratories and music and art rooms.

The faculty offers academic excellence while also emphasizing a sense of community spirit within the student body; they’re specially trained to provide these qualities for every Ravenswood School for Girls graduate! This organization has received many awards over the years that recognize its high standards as well as its commitment to developing quality leaders.

History of the Ravenswood School for Girls

Ravenswood is a 120-year old all-girls school that began its first class in January 1901 held at a schoolroom built next to their home. Since 1977, Ravenswood has been a Uniting Church School and a member of the Association of Heads of Independent Girls’ Schools (AHIGS). The school crest is an oval with a torch inside, surrounded by the words Ravenswood Gordon School for Girls.

Day-to-day life at the school

Ravenswood School in Gordon NSW offers a plethora of activities for its female students both during and after the school day. Girls can enjoy everything from taking classes to playing sports, or just hanging out with friends at any time throughout their days here.

What makes Ravenswood different from other schools in Gordon, NSW

Ravenswood Academy stands out against other schools in Gordon because of its diverse range of subjects that span across science, humanities, arts and languages as well as sporting events.


The Ravenswood Residential College is an intimate and nurturing environment, where students in the 7th-12th grade can be assured of a safe home away from home. Staff are trained to implement positive education techniques that foster strong relationships between staff members and their students while also providing opportunities for growth through visible wellbeing strategies like mindfulness techniques.

Ravenswood is a school for girls that focuses on the growth of young women from academics to extracurricular activities. The school offers students an academically rigorous curriculum with opportunities in sports, music and drama. With more than 100 years of history at their back, Ravenswood has been successful in developing strong female leaders who are ready to take on the world’s challenges head-on!

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