Spiritual Growth at Gordon Baptist Church

Gordon Baptist Church is a diverse inter-cultural neighborhood learning life together from Jesus Christ. Because everyone there has actually experienced Jesus Christ rescue them from tough circumstances and saved their souls from being ruined, the church congregation follows Jesus Christ.

Gordon Baptist Church is of the denomination of Baptist. It is located at 20-22 Park Avenue, Gordon, North-South Wales 2072, Australia.

The church has services for all at 9:00 am and 10:15 am at GBC. They likewise have a service in mandarin at 9:15 am at GBC and also streamed live.

The church is directed and has a function of building a distinctive community of individuals of God that are growing in their communion with God, growing in their communion with one another, and growing in their commission within our world.

The members within their community covenant together as partners of the work of God amongst us. The members are generally prayerfully relying upon God and are then directed by the Holy Spirit and God’s word. As they depend on God and the instructions of the Holy Spirit and God’s word, they look for:

I. Through Grace

They seek to imitate Jesus Christ by being really thoughtful towards others as they talk. Being gracious to others in attitude and being gracious to others by the actions they depict to the community. They also discover all means essential to maintain unity and cohesion in the community. Also through grace, they seek to change conflict in an active way and in the ideal treatment as taught to them in the bible.

That is according to Philippians 2:5, Eph. 4: 25- 5: 2; Col. 3: 12- 14, 4: 6; Mat. 5: 23- 24, 18: 15- 22.

II. Through Growth

In their understanding and understanding of God and the Scripture, they seek to be part of constructing their whole body towards maturity. This is directed by the following scriptures;

Second Peter 3: 18
Ephesians 4: 15- 16
First Corinthians 12: 12 and 27

III. Through Gathering

They seek to meet as one family together. They likewise look to meet regularly with delight, informing themselves, praying, and sharing amongst themselves in groups, whether little or big. The following bibles assist them;

Hebrews 10: 25
Acts 2: 42- 47
First Corinthians 14: 26

IV. Through Governing

The members of the church seek to take part in conferences of the church, whenever it is possible. Through that, they seek to discern the mind of Jesus Christ and by submitting to it in their day-to-day decision-making together, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The bibles that direct them are:

Acts 15: 22- 30
First Thessalonians 5: 12- 13
Colossians 3: 15- 17

V. Through Going

The church looks to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to the rest of the world. More so, to make sure that all production is under the rule of Jesus Christ the Lord.

Ephesians 1: 9- 10
Matthew 28: 19- 20
Colossians 3: 1- 5

The church is a recognized member of the Association of Baptist Churches in NSW and ACT. The church also holds to the Statement of Beliefs embraced by the Baptist Churches of NSW and ACT. They are also part of a wider movement  by the name, Australian Baptist Ministries.

Leadership Team

The management of the church is comprised of Pastors and Deacons. The Deacons at the moment are;

Kester Lee, chairman
Barry Nelson, secretary
Matt Gibson, treasurer
Aaron White
Cathy Yang
Dennis Leung
Lee Cheng
David Slinn and
Rachel Lyon

Staff Team

The staff is made up of;

a) John Merchant

Pastor John Merchant has been leading the pastoral team at this church since 2003. He has actually seen the community grow into an intercultural church as the work of God in the area.

b) Russel Mathews

He is enthusiastic about helping the church grow young households and youth. He likewise teaches families and youth what it implies to live as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

c) Steve Bernard

He is a pastor and he spends time teaching and supporting individuals to grow in the English church. He assists people to understand what relying on Jesus is like in their lives. He is married to Claire and has three kids.

d) Julie Thatcher

She is a disciple of Jesus, a knowledgeable administrator, and a manager. She supervises reservations, communications, compliance, and innovation. She is wed and has two grandchildren.

The following personnel positions in the church are vacant;

A mandarin pastor
A Cantonese pastor
A church administrator

Gordon Baptist Church is also devoted to providing places and programs that promote physical, psychological, and spiritual health and wellness in Christ’s love model.

Among the things to do in Gordon, insights, and landmarks, there is Gordon Baptist Church, St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church, and Gordon Uniting Church. The location where the church is located in a tourist location in Australia, and the church is a landmark.

After a relaxing and peaceful visit to Gordon Baptist Church, it’s nice to sip on a cup of coffee and just stare at the busy street. Or have a chat with a friend. The aroma of coffee can’t be wrong in any situation. St. Jons Ave. is a busy street with a lot of great coffee shops to choose from. From a chic looking to a rustic vibe, they have it.

How to Get to Gordon Baptist Church?

If you feel like finding comfort through God’s words after your dental appointment, Gordon Baptist Church is the best place to go. It’s just 3 minutes away by car from White Dental Clinic in Gordon so you’ll be there in no time. Start by heading east on Dumaresq St towards Old Pacific Hwy/A1, then turn right at the 1st cross street. After 220m, turn left onto St Johns Ave then make a left turn on Wade Lane. Finally, turn right onto Park Ave after 260m.