Strike Bowling Chatswood

If you are looking for a great way to exercise and have a great time in Australia, you should consider bowling. Strike Bowling provides you with a safe space to have some fun without breaking the bank. There are different bowling deals to enjoy, including the $8 bowling strike for students. The offer is valid from Monday to Thursday, and all you have to do is verify your student status with Student Beans.

Strike Activities

Bowling is fun, and it’s a sport that you can enjoy with friends and family. At Strike Bowling Chatswood, you get to let loose on the lanes while enjoying the sweet sound system. Because you can’t bowl on an empty stomach, they also offer lane service with all the kitchen and bar needs. Besides playing against your friends and family members, you can also compete to become the bowling king.

There are tenpin bowling alleys that will fit you, your friends, and your family. The prices vary, but if you are coming in as a family of four, you can enjoy the $50 offer. Besides bowling, you will come across other activities like:

  • Strike escape room
  • Strike karaoke
  • Strike laser tag

Strike provides you with the perfect place to escape with your mates in the city. There are many things to enjoy because the Strike Escape Rooms puts everyone in your group to the test. You also get to work together with your friends to crack clues, solve riddles, beat the clock, and find hidden objects.

The escape room is ideal for friends, family, and team-building outings. It provides you with an opportunity to gather the gang together and test your relationships while identifying the smart one. You also get to enjoy some virtual escape rooms if you can’t gather everyone in time. You get to team up with two to eight people and crack the clues and solve riddles together.

Strike Karaoke

If you are not one to bowl or talk, you can sing in the karaoke rooms. At Strike, you can sing along to all current and classic songs. More so, you can hire these rooms for your social and corporate functions. To make your night more enjoyable, Strike has a wide array of costumes and props.

A brand new state-of-the-art Strike Karaoke system enables you to walk in, select your song, pick the mic, and begin singing. You can customize your playlist or choose between the vast array of ready-made playlists. In case you want to prepare before walking in, you can download the song catalog.

Strike Laser Tag

Laser tag provides you with a perfect platform if you have some squabbles to settle. The laser tag arena is decked out to the next level with easy-to-use weapons, excellent props, and a lovely soundtrack. The arena can take up to 30 people for some adrenaline-filled fun. Here, you can enjoy an action-packed party or a team-building event with a twist.

Strike Bowling Chatswood Location

If you are traveling to New South Wales, you will find Strike Bowling in the north of Sydney, just over the bridge. Here, you will enjoy their 14 bowling lanes and choose whether to participate in the escape room, karaoke, or laser tag.

The Chastwood Monkey Bar and the outdoor terrace provide you with a great spot to relax and unwind. Strike Bowling Chatswood aims at providing you with a one-stop entertainment center. A place where everyone can find the perfect activity to indulge in while having some fun.

Things to Do in Chatswood

New South Wales is a great tourist destination. On your first visit to the city, you will encounter many commuters and tons of skyscrapers; however, don’t let them fool you. Even though the city is a business hub, it’s also among the liveliest suburbs in New South Wales. You can enjoy yum cha, brunch, public art, and live music in the city. Other things to be on the lookout for will include:

  • Shopping centers
  • Theatres
  • Game and entertainment centers
  • Spas

Shopping Centers

You will come across a series of shopping centers dotted around the city. Since the city is North Shore’s retail center, you will come across malls like Westfield, Chatswood Chase Sydney, Mandarin Centre, and the Chatswood Interchange. All these centers contain lots of shops to check out, and they are stylish.


When in the city, you can choose to indulge in comedy festivals and movies. There are unlimited theatre options for you to consider. The Concourse provides you with great performances, and it’s easy to find. You will discover that all the theaters you come across are lovely places to chill out. Another excellent theatre option to consider is the HOYTS Cinema.

Game and Entertainment Centers

Some of the best game and entertainment centers to frequent in the city include Precision Golf, Strike, Playtime, and Holey Moley Golf Club. Precision Golf provides you with a lovely indoor entertainment center. Here, you can enjoy 3D golf lessons, HD gold simulators, and custom club fitting. Strike has lovely entertainment options like bowling, escape rooms, laser tag, and karaoke.

Besides having the best escape games, Playtime also has a wide array of arcades where you stand a chance of winning some redemption prizes. Holey Moley Golf Club provides you with a mini-golf course with two courses and 18 uniquely themed holes. They also have a full-service bar to cater to all your off-the-green necessities.


Suppose you are one for a relaxing experience when traveling. In that case, you should consider checking out the Feel Amazing Wellness Center, Urban Spa, Arisoo Day Spa, Golden Tree Thai Massage, and Healing Hands Sydney. These spas offer the best services like dry needling, massage, scrubbing, cupping, meridian treatment, reflexology, and hot stone.

Chatswood is an excellent place to start exploring nature. It is full of scenic parks that are perfect for taking a stroll, and large stretches of natural bushland where you can explore the rugged terrain and get close to some native wildlife. If you’re looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, then this is your spot!

Final Take

When traveling to Australia, you should check out Strike Bowling to find out the different deals available. Besides, take some time to indulge in the other things to do in Chatswood after your bowling session.

Going from White Dental Clinic to Strike Bowling

If you’re in for a relaxing game of Bowling after your dental appointment, then there’s a perfect spot for you. You can just take a 3-minute walk starting on Victoria Ave towards Victor St, then turn left onto Victor St, and finally turn right onto Albert Ave.