Enjoy some Live Performances at The Concourse

The Concourse, a Willoughby City Council project, is the North Shore’s cultural hub. It is a leading entertainment venue in Sydney, hosting a diverse variety of live arts and entertainment. A Concert Hall and Theatre and a Rehearsal Centre, Art Space, and multi-purpose workspace are also part of the Concourse. It also rents out conference rooms and venues. Chatswood Library, with over 5,000 square metres of books, services and reference content, entertainment and information, is also located in the precinct.

Visual art, open-air cinema, live sports activities, news and national events, and live streams of sold-out concerts are all shown on the outdoor Urban Screen. The Concourse is a stunningly built precinct with two open green spaces, pubs, cafés, and retail shops, making it the ideal gathering spot for all times.

The dazzling and beautiful Willoughby Symphony Orchestra is the Concourse’s resident orchestra, performing up to 25 times a year at the venue. The NSW government, through Create NSW, is supporting them.

Events & Performances you can Watch at The Concourse.

A venue for both world-class shows and school concerts. Where a gathering of 1,000 people or a banquet for two will take place. Where you can borrow a good book and then read it while relaxing on the lawn, the rare combination of music venues, dining, and an incredible library makes it a perfect place to meet, chill, or have a night out. The Concourse’s diverse variety of live concerts and festivals ensures that there is still plenty to see and do.

Classical Musicals

In the mood for some classical music? Drop by The Concourse as they have a list of performers playing by schedule. There’s a different performer per schedule, so better check their website for the full list of performers. Two of the performers you may expect to watch includes Harry Bennetts and Soprano Alexandra Oomens. Harry Bennetts is a talented young violinist from Australia. He’s returned home after studying abroad, and for this concert, he’ll be joined by pianist Vatche Jambazian, a fellow Sydneysider. They offer three perfect gems from the treasure chest of violin recital repertoire, including deservedly famous young works by Schubert and Strauss, as well as an exquisite Messiaen rarity.

Alexandra Oomens, a soprano who recently graduated from the Royal Academy Opera under Lillian Watson and Jonathan Papp, is quickly ascending in the European opera scene. Alex meets Pinchgut Opera’s acclaimed Artistic Director, Erin Helyard, in a rare recital for voice and fortepiano, introducing the rich and rewarding songs of the past to rich and rewarding life.

Visual arts

You can also enjoy some visual arts created by talented individuals. Artists have used their medium to challenge or criticize critical topics for decades. Artists have often defied historical-cultural canons to show that art objects and graphic effects can be playful and satirical. Shaping Wit is a documentary that looks at the work of artists who use humour and irony to discuss critical and light-hearted topics. Satirical and satirical art can be a sly way of persuading a viewer to question preconceived notions and social and political norms.

Another visual artist group is the RENCLUB, a local artist collective, who hosts a calligraphy show. The RENCLUB Members’ Exhibition 2021 features a wide range of writing forms, from conventional to contemporary. Japanese calligraphy, or ‘Sho’ in Japanese, aims to breathe life into words and give them personality. Ink calligraphy on paper and silk scrolls was included in the show.

Comedy performances

If you’re looking for a place to give you joy and laughter, there are several stand-up comedians performing at The Concourse. Jimeoin is one of the comedians. A spectacular evening of world-class humour from the Irishman widely regarded as one of the great masters of live stand-up comedy. Jimeoin is a well-known, well-liked, and well-respected comedian with a wide appeal and a cheeky sense of humour that has fans in stitches all over the world, including Europe, The United Kingdom, Europe, the US, and, of course, Australia. He’s at the top of his career, according to the papers, and we couldn’t agree more!


You can also enjoy some films with the family. One of the upcoming films is from Loudhailer & Mama Dojo. They will show a documentary film about Keith Looby’s life and work. Keith Looby, the Archibald Prize winner, has received many awards both nationally and globally. Despite this, his name and works are scarcely seen nowadays. Looby uncovers the life and career of an artist we need to remember through sumptuous cinematography, candid interviews, and a striking original score.

Now, if you want to indulge in different types of food from around the world, you might as well drop by Chatswood Interchange. The place has all sorts of vendors who are both friendly and accommodating.

How to Get to The Concourse

Getting to The Concourse after your dental check-up at White Dental Clinic Won’t take a long journey. In fact, getting there will only take a minute or two. The Concourse is located at 409 Victoria Ave, Chatswood NSW 2067, Australia, and you can get there by following these directions: Head east on Victoria Ave toward Anderson St, then turn left onto Anderson St. The Concourse should be on the right side.