Things You Need to Know About City Golf Gordon

When you visit Australia, you need to go to City Golf Gordon to enjoy the fantastic, challenging golf course. Gordon is a unique place, and there is the first one in Australia. It is a place suitable for family, group outings, bonding events and other groups. Being an outdoor activity, Golf is adhering to New South Wales health guidelines to maintain your safety as a tourist. Playing golf is fun, and the environment makes it a memorable experience. You are assured of getting good customer services, and you will want to come back.

City Golf Gordon is a tourist destination that has several exciting activities. There are several things to do in Gordon as a tourist and playing golf should be on your list. Every person that has visited the place shares that the golf course is exciting to do. Before you complete one round of the game, you will be able to have fun and enjoy it with your family or friends. With health safety practice in the mini-golf course training, you are assured of having fun and being safe if you visit. Gordon Recreation Ground is the ideal venue for events and bonding.

Services offered at City Golf Gordon include;

Birthday parties

The golf course can organize birthday parties and celebrations when you want one. One fantastic feature of this service is the golf course allows self-catered options when requested. If you want to leave all the planning to the employees, you can make bookings and share what you expect. The price of catering for outdoor event activities is affordable. Customer satisfaction is something you are assured of when you visit this golf course. Call the City Golf and discuss what you want for your private function and exclusive services will be delivered per your desire.

Education Bookings

Other than having fun, you can make bookings for educational programs and groups. The golf course is designed to be an educational activity that will help the group learn more and relax to allow their mind to work efficiently. It is a great place to visit as an education group, be it college students or any other group.

Monthly specials

It is easy to save money when you visit City Golf as there are several deals that help save each month. The deals are not specific and differ each month. Some months there may be discounted prices for families or groups while at other times you will get a discount when you go to the golf course at a certain time. Evening deals are also another thing you can enjoy as adults. Some months you will get a special deal when you make bookings for an event. You need to save money while having fun, and that is why City Golf should be on your list of places to visit when you are in Gordon.


When you go to the golf course, you do not have to worry about refreshments when you need them. The City Golf has a place where drinks and other types of refreshments are sold, making it easy for you to stay throughout the game.

Being a frequently visited Australian city, City Golf Gordon has opening hours suitable for all adults. The opening and closing hours are clearly stated, and you can place when to visit the golf course. Floodlights are available to make the golf course fun and playable in the evening for you to enjoy it. The golf course entails a round of 18 holes which can take up to an hour to complete. The last game is sold an hour before closing. Depending on the group you visit the golf course with, you can make plans and booking in the duration you want to stay. When going to groups, you are advised to make bookings to have a good experience planned for you. You can, however, choose to visit the golf course at any time without making bookings.

When it comes to weather, you will find it can sometimes affect when City Golf Gordon is opened. Heavy rains may make it hard for the golf course to be sold. When it a little rainy and manageable, the golf course is open. The golf course is fun on sunny days as it is an outdoor sport. If the weather affects the Golf Course’s opening hours, you can check for updates on the website of City Golf. You do not have to bring your equipment because they will be provided when the golf course is sold to you. Putter, ball, scorecard and pencil are provided for your round, and all you have is to bring your skills with you.

The price of the golf course is impressive and pocket friendly. You can spend a reasonable amount and have fun. If you have purchased a second round of the golf course, you are given a significant discount. The golf course is challenging and requires advanced golf skills to complete the 18 holes golf course round. It is the challenging part of the game that makes it fun and worth trying again. Sports fans get a good experience from the golf course as they are challenged to complete it while enjoying being outside.

As an Australian tourist, you aim to make memories and visit places that will stand out. Golf city offers an unforgettable experience, and that is why it should be your go-to choice in places to visit. When you check photos of the Golf City, you will be impressed with the surrounding being verdant. You need to get your family members, friends or your charity group to have this fun experience playing golf. Without experiencing this golf course challenge, you cannot say you experienced the goodness of being in Australian land. The location of the golf course is accessible to any person and easy to find. Parking space is ample to accommodate everyone visiting the golf course. You can affirm you will see your money’s value when you use it for the golf course.

If you are looking for another golf course to try in Gordon, then head over to Gordon Golf Club. It is found on the upper shore of Sydney and is open to the public and for membership. If you had fun at City Gold Gordon, you sure have to try this bigger course.

How to Get there from White Dental Clinic Gordon?

From White Dental Clinic, head east on Dumaresq St towards Old Pacific Hwy/A1. Continue on to Old Pacific Hwy/A1 to Pymble, make a left turn at the 1st cross street onto Old Pacific Hwy/A1 then use the right 2 lanes to turn right onto the slip road to Mona Vale Rd/A3. Keep right and merge onto Mona Vale Rd/A3 then, follow Grandview St to Old Pacific Hwy/A1. Turn left onto Grandview St and make another left turn towards Old Pacific Hwy/A1. Finally turn left at the 1st cross street onto Old Pacific Hwy/A1.