Tips to get your kids to brush their teeth

Preventative dentistry is paramount to avoiding problems later in life. One of the biggest hurdles for parents is getting their kids to brush their teeth – and brush them well. With a little imagination, brushing can be made fun and there’s a few steps you can take to help make sure your little one is set up for a big, bright smile. 

Make It Fun
One of the most effective ways to make brushing your teeth fun is with music! If you’re feeling up to the creativity, you can even make up a song together. Otherwise, there are a few apps that do the job for you with 2-minute long songs, which is the perfect length of time for a thorough clean!

Make It Regular
It is so important to get kids started on their dental journey from a young age. Get them into a routine of morning and night and start with using a small toothbrush. And if it’s part of their routine, it’s a part of yours so you might as well lead by example!

Beat The Dentist Nerves
We all know there can be some fears in visiting the dentist for a first visit or all throughout life. Our friendly team realises there can be some nerves and do everything they can to ensure a positive experience – just like we do with their parents. Avoid threatening a visit to the dentist if they aren’t brushing properly. By following these other steps to make dental hygiene fun, going to the dentists becomes less scary!

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