Westfield Chatswood

Let's Go on a Shopping Spree at Westfield Chatswood

The North Shore of Sydney is home to Westfield Chatswood, which is about 11KM from the CBD. The shopping centre currently caters to a trade area populace of nearly 485,000, with a gross accessible demand of 1.9 million, in addition to a sizeable local workforce, and is conveniently located within easy reach of a major bus interchange, train station, and the Pacific Highway.

Any of Australia’s most well-known supermarkets, such as Myer, Target, Coles, Hoyts, and ALDI, as well as nearly 250 stores, such as Zara and Uniqlo, are located in Westfield Chatswood.

If you’re one to enjoy shopping and dining out, Westfield Chatswood is your way to go. With so many restos and stores to choose from, you might go crazy when deciding where to eat or buy your things. The shopping centre has a beautiful atmosphere which makes it one of the most visited shopping centres in Chatswood, Sydney. You better prepare yourself (especially your wallet) if you’re visiting this shopping centre because you’ll surely be going home with a bagful of things!

Attractions Near Westfield Chatswood

Westfield Chatswood is a big shopping centre that also has a lot of stores and restaurants. While the place can occasionally get crowded, you can consider visiting other nearby places that are quite fun! Here are some of them:

  • Feel Amazing Wellness Centre
  • HOYTS Cinema
  • Chatswood Chase Sydney
  • Healing Hands Sydney
  • Monkey Bar Hotel
  • Golden Tree Thai Massage
  • Chatswood Interchange
  • Wellness Massage Chatswood
  • Strike Chatswood
  • The Gordon Club
  • Nan Tien Buddhist Temple
  • Bite Food Tours
  • The Concourse

More Exciting Things to do in Chatswood, Sydney

To give you a better scope of the things you can do around Chatswood, here are some activities you can do around the suburb:

Visit gorgeous parks

There is a lot of parks and golf clubs around Chatswood. If you want to visit them all, you’d best prepare for a park hoping! The parks are so nature-friendly that you might even forget how city life looks like. You can also plan a picnic if you feel like dining outside without spending so much or having to wait for a table in a restaurant. Plus, the view will just be amazing!

Watch a live performance

The Concourse is a significant cultural hub on the North Shore, with a year-round calendar of events and performances. Throughout the season, residents can expect to see orchestras, musicals, live bands, stage plays, ethnic events, stage plays, moonlight movie screenings, and other forms of entertainment! Better bring your family with you if you want to visit the Concourse.

Indulge some tasty street foods

Every Thursday and Friday, the Chatswood Mall Market takes food stalls to Victoria Avenue, spreading Chatswood’s vibrant food and drink scene beyond the front doors of its many restaurants. There is food from around the world! Imagine biting into an authentic burrito or other famous street food from different countries. You won’t only get a taste of their food, but you also learn the stories of their country thanks to the friendly personalities of all the vendors.

Learn some Japanese culture

Thanks to the influence of Asian culture, Chatswood is one of the most lively neighbourhoods on the North Shore, and there are two excellent workshops in the region where you can learn more about Japanese traditions. You can practice Japanese calligraphy at The Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop. If you want to show a cool thing or impress your friends or family, you might want to take a class or two. There is also the Ikebana Floral Art Class which introduces attendees to the elegant art of flower arranging.

Appreciate the public art

It’s quick to stroll around Chatswood and miss the public sculptures, so keep your eyes peeled for a number of intriguing works of art. A yellow tower made of recycled car tiles stands at the train station’s gates, alongside a row of flowers, colourful railings lining Victoria Avenue. It’s fascinating how a person can be so creative. They can either show their art skills on a canvas or by creating magnificent and unique sculptures.

Getting to Westfield Chatswood

Just finished your dentist appointment at White Dental Clinic, Chatswood? Well, you might want to drop by Westfield Chatswood, which is very close to the clinic. It will only take a person a minute to get there BY FOOT! (Based on google maps) If you’ve decided to visit Westfield Chatswood, you can get there by heading east on Victoria Ave toward Anderson St. then you should take a right to stay on Victoria Ave. Lastly, turn right onto Anderson St. There may be other entrances to the location, so you might not need to take this exact route. Some patients from White Dental would even park at the mall and walk their way to the clinic.