The Willoughby District Historical Society (WDHS) Inc. was established in February 1974 to encourage the study and appreciation of the history of their town, while they also manage a museum for many visitors who are interested in seeing how things used to be.

The Willoughby Museum is located in Chatswood, NSW with an aim to provide insights into how people lived during different stages of history such as pre-European settlements all the way up until today’s times by displaying exhibits on topics like local industry/working lifestyles, domesticity (household objects), townships & suburbia (urban landscape) or immigration etcetera which represent various aspects of Australian culture at one point in time.

The Four Themes at the Willoughby Museum

Domestic life

The Willoughby Historical Society beautifully displays a variety of items that explore the work experiences of different people living in this town during various periods. The focus is on exploring how these individuals lived through their own unique situation, but also considering what it was like for other residents who had more access to resources and privileges than others.

Local industries and working lives

The Willoughby Historical Society created a museum of sorts to showcase the many industries that helped build and sustain this town. The exhibits in these rooms feature photographs, pottery samples and old newspapers advertising local businesses.

Towns, suburbs and villages

Willoughby’s rich history of urban development is explored in this theme. The exhibit features examples from different eras. Willoughby’s development has been shaped by factors such as the railway and tramway. The history of these two modes is very interesting, especially since they were key drivers in shaping urban settlement patterns in the 1800s.

Immigration and Ethnic Influences

Willoughby museum will explore how people from different ethnic groups migrated to Willoughby City in the 1950s and beyond through exhibitions. The Willoughby Museum focuses on the many nationalities that have settled in this area of Sydney from post-war migrations.

The Willoughby Museum is a fascinating place to visit, especially for those interested in learning about the past. From before European settlement to the present day, this museum gives you an insight into how people lived across different periods of history and offers something for all ages.

Another interesting building in Chatswood is the Chatswood Scout Hall. It also stood the test of time and is still helping to promote Scouting to the youth of NSW through their different activities. Scouting has been an important part of growing children as they learn camaraderie and resourcefulness.

How to go to Willoughby Museum

While waiting for your dental appointment at White Dental Clinic in Chatswood, you can spend some time looking through history at Willoughby Museum. Don’t worry because you can’t be late as White Dental Clinic is just two minutes away from it. The fastest route is heading east on Johnson St toward Devonshire St, then go through 1 roundabout. Turn left onto Archer St and turn left onto Victoria Ave.